«A good combination of engineering knowledge and computational skills»

Muhammad Waqar got a job in Equinor months before he finished his studies.

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Muhammad Waqar
Muhammad Waqar. Photo: Private

Why did you choose the Computational Engineering program at UiS and how well did the program meet your expectations?

Computational Engineering is one of the most demanding programs at the moment. I chose Computational Engineering because it was a good combination of engineering knowledge and computational skills that are required to solve modern world problems. The program was well organized, and I learned the skills I was looking for. Of course, there is always room for improvement and with the feedback from students, the coordinators are constantly improving the course curriculum for upcoming students.

What did you appreciate most about your study time at UiS?

I like the fact that the professors were super helpful throughout my study period. I was always encouraged to be more active and productive. Not only they helped me with my courses but also, they trusted me with summer projects and semester jobs that gave me the confidence to practice my learnings.

What opportunities did the study give you?

I had a good number of opportunities. Having a degree that is a good combination of engineering with IT skills was very useful for me. I could easily apply for any IT support job along with my electrical engineering degree jobs. Apart from full-time jobs, there are plenty of internship opportunities as well.

Which part of the study will you benefit most from in working life?

Modeling practical problems as we did in MOD510 course and quantifying uncertainties in MOD500 will surely help me in the job as well. Also, it is not just the technical aspects of the degree, my writing skills have improved a lot. Having a course dedicated to "Developing Research Skills" helped me with writing good papers.

Do you think your background in Computational Engineering was important for your job offer and, if so, why?

Yes, having a degree in Computational Engineering played an important role to secure the job offer. As the job I am offered is mostly related to what I have learned during the degree.

What are you most looking forward to in your upcoming job?

I am excited to start my professional career soon. I hope to explore different aspects of my field with hands-on experience.

What are your top three pieces of advice for new students at UiS?

  1. Take full advantage of the professors. They are always willing to help you no matter what the problem is.
  2. Don't just settle for the coursework. Have the passion to learn more.
  3. Participate in the events at the campus and around. They really help you be more productive, have a good time and also, extracurricular activities were one of the requirements to apply for my job.