"Computational Engineering has opened numerous doors of opportunities for me"

Despite having a non-IT background, the combination of engineering and IT skills provided by the Computational Engineering programme paved Habib Ullah's way to work in the IT industry.

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Portrett av Habib Ullah
Habib Ullah. Photo: Private
  • Name: Habib Ullah
  • Study programme: MS Computational Engineering
  • Occupation and employer:  Solution Consultant (Developer and DevOps Engineer) at Tietoevry

Why did you choose the Computational Engineering programme at UiS and how well did the programme meet your expectations?

The curriculum flexibility with numerous specializations and project-based study are the main reasons that inspired me to pursue my Masters in Computational Engineering in UiS. Apart from this, I always wanted to develop my competence in data-driven mathematical modeling in combination with IT skills  which was not only restricted to a specific industry, and the Computational Engineering programme at UiS provided me this opportunity to develop such a kind of universal competence.

What did you appreciate most about your study time at UiS?

In UiS, the Computational Engineering programme had an extremely competent and very helpful faculty. The faculty have always encouraged us to actively participate in the improvement process of the programme and tried to refine the programme structure as per student's suggestions. Furthermore, studying at UiS not only allowed me to grow scientific competence but also enabled me to improve my interpersonal skills, providing me much needed professional competence to excel in the industry.

What opportunities did the study give you?

The Computational Engineering programme has opened numerous doors of opportunities for me in all kinds of the industry. Despite having a non-IT background, the combination of engineering and IT skills provided by this study programme paved my way to work in the IT industry. This study programme also provided several opportunities for further scientific research. 

Which part of the study will you benefit most from in working life?

The project-based structure of the programme has allowed it to work with numerous practical applications of mathematical modelling and machine learning. It provided me an opportunity to have a closer look on how the concepts of mathematical models can allow us to resolve many modern-world problems, for instance, my research work on detection of lesions in the prostate gave a much needed insight on how we can combine these skills to solve problems in day-to-day life.

Do you think your background in Computational Engineering was important for your job offer and, if so, why?

Having come from the background of Mechanical Engineering which is purely non-IT, it was close to impossible for me to work as a Developer or Data Engineer in the industry. However, Computational Engineering provided me with much needed competence to get  my desired job in the industry.

What do you appreciate most with your current job?

The belief on inclusion and opportunities to learn are two main things I appreciate most about my current job. This job has also enabled me to grow personally and professionally.

What are your top three pieces of advice for new students at UiS?

  1. Imagination is knowledge.
  2. There are no stupid questions or suggestions. Always ask and never hesitate from questioning. 
  3. Enjoy your time at UiS. UiS provides several opportunities in the form of events and stuff, which will help you to grow both professionally as well personally. So, try to participate in all fun-activities.