Top students win industry awards

Repsol, IKM Acona and Vår Energi awarded a total of nine prizes and NOK 275,000 to bachelor and master students at UiS.

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Prisutdeling til petroleumsstudenter. Foto: Kjersti Riiber
Back from left Racha Moubarak, Yasas Bandara, Marte Aksland and Silje Gåsland. In front from left Luis Saavedra Jerez, Mohammed Ali and Vegard Bror Trodal. Photo: Kjersti Riiber

Master students Luis Saavedra Jerez and Racha Moubarak walked away with two prizes each, and 75,000 and 50,000 kroner in prize money, respectively. The award ceremony arranged by the Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering and the Department of Energy Resources took place before and after the master ceremony in Tjodhallen on 16 June.

The awards will motivate students to innovate, and are the industry's way of showing that they value those students who go a little further to achieve good results. The award ceremony also gives students the opportunity to meet some of the companies that may become their future employers.

And the winners are …

Repsol's prizes (NOK 25,000 each) to the four best master's students in various categories in petroleum technology and geology (selection based on grades):

  • Marte Aksland
  • Racha Moubarak
  • Yasas Bandara
  • Luis Saavedra Jerez

IKM Acona's prize for best master's thesis (25,000 kroner) was awarded Racha Moubarak.

Vår Energis awards (25,000 to two bachelor students and 50,000 to two master's students) to:

  • Vegard Bror Trodal (bachelor student)
  • Silje Gåsland (bachelor student)
  • Mohammed Ali (master's student)
  • Luis Saavedra Jerez (master's student)

Text: Kjersti Riiber

Repsol's awards. From left Grethe Foldnes, Marte Aksland, Yasas Bandara, Racha Moubarak and Luis <span style="font-size: 1.5rem;">Saavedra</span> Jerez.
IKM Acona's award for best master's thesis was awarded Racha Moubarak. From IKM Acona, Bengt Hope.
Vår Energi's awards went to Silje Gåsland, Luis Saavedra Jerez, Mohammed Ali and Vegard Bror Trodal. From Vår Energi: Paul Spencer and Gjertrud Halset.