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Work Package 2: Creating boundary innovation space (the SIF-Lab)

In this WP we aim to answer following RQ: How to create a boundary innovation space to activate user driven or user-inspired innovations?

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Releasing the Power of Users


Team Leader, WP 2
Associate professor Elisa Thomas

This part of the project involves establishing a working space - the Shared Innovation Futures Lab (SIF-Lab) within which multiple stakeholders work together with users and potential users to help articulate their ideas and co-create the innovative solutions.

In this WP we will also work closely with the Citizen Lab in the Netherlands. We will also gain insights from other Innovation Labs such as UnternhemerTüM in Munich, Germany and the Fraünhofer “Josephs’ Lab in Nuremburg, Germany.


Marit Hagland
Marit Hagland, project leader for Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NSCL)
  • We have done a pilot exercise in the two Zoom-meetings with 12 elderly people. Theme: Fire safety at home. This pilot was done with the fire – department as they have shown great interest in the project and was considered a neutral topic for a first effort. We had a positive experience with these users and many ideas were generated. It was noted that this panel was very up-to-date on technical aids and with the topic and perhaps not representative for the typical user. It was easier to involve men than women with this exercise. We hope to engage the same group of people to other meetings as they are over the first hurdle of getting to know each other and are feeling a bit safer in this situation.  

    The goal is to explore methods (Hackathons, gatherings at a «café, or Zoom-meetings. Inclusion of simulation? Including actors? In order to include users in all the stages of the innovation process and to raise awareness of the importance of including users.  
  • Further develop NSCC’s innovation lab as a: «Living Labs» (Wikpedia-article). 
  • We are in contact with the European Network of Living Labs, which will be a special project for Judy and Elisa. 
  •  Who Concerns fire protection? Webinar at the Smart Care Cluster, April 20th 2021. (In Norwegian) External site. Pdf's of presentation at the bottom of the site.