Kick-off meeting for the new project "Releasing the power of users"

The UiS Business School hosted a kick-off meeting for the new project "Releasing the power of users" on 5-6th of November 2019. The project is looking into the healthcare sector and the main aim is to amplify user voices in this sector in particular when applying digital technology.

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Forskningsteam Releasing the power of users
On the picture from left to right are: Pedro Oliveira, Helena Canhao, Marjan Shamsi, Kornelia Konrad and Christophe Kattouw, Ragne Farmen, Paul Benneworth, Elin Oftedal and Thomas Laudal, as well as Chunyan Xie, Richard Bagozzi and John Bessant, and Tatiana Iakovleva. Photo: Olga Belousova

A great research team from six different countries were in place in these two days, including

  • Pofessor Richard Bagozzi (University of Michigan, USA)
  • Professor John Bessant (Exeter University, UK/ UiS)
  • Professor Paul Benneworth (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
  • Professor Chunyan Xie (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
  • Professor Helena Canhao from Patient Innovation/ NOVA Medical School (Portugal)
  • Professor Pedro Oliveira (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)
  • Ass. Professor Kornelia Konrad (University of Twente, the Netherland)

as well as guests such as ass. Professor Olga Belousova (University of Groningen, the Netherlands).

UiS team included project leader professor Tatiana Iakovleva, ass. professor Thomas Laudal, post doc Elisa Thomas, ass. professor Elin M. Oftedal (UiT/UiS), phd candidate Marjan Shamsi (HHUiS), phd candidate Christophe Kattouw (Share centre, UiS) and phd candidate Jorunn Skjærpe (health faculty, UiS)
As a part of kick-off the research team visited HelseCampus where we were welcomed by project leader Ragne Farmen.