Gitte created a unique university library

Gitte Kolstrup has transformed Stavanger University Library (UBiS) into a unique library with color palettes, floral wallpaper, exotic birds, creative study rooms, a cartoon corner, sofa groups, and large plants.

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Bilde av dame som holder et skilt
Gitte created a unique university library.

It gives joy and inspiration to both students and staff.

Ten years have passed since Gitte Kolstrup moved to Stavanger from Denmark. She is an energetic and restless lady who loves action and hates long bureaucratic processes. Nevertheless, she has realized that planning and time sometimes are important tools for success.

Now she is ready to embark on retirement, and she looks back on many major milestones.

- I am proud to have so many qualified employees with a high level of ambition, Gitte says.

Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger
In the library, you will find sofa groups and large plants.

Open 24/7

During her time as library director, UBiS has increased from around 35 to 45 employees. Now the university library has around 500,000 visitors each year, and for the past seven years the main library on campus Ullandhaug has also been open 24/7.

A new stage has also been established in the library with around 50 academic and social events each year.

Dataverkstedet er et kreativt studierom
The data lab is a unique and creative study room.

Ready for retirement

Gitte is now retiring. She is 67 years old and wants to prioritize music, gardening, grandchildren, and culture. There is still so much she wants to experience in life.

- I'm looking forward to the freedom and to having plenty of time, she says.

Her last day of work is on June 28th.