Reading lists at UiS

You will find your curriculum in the digital curriculum list system Leganto. Here, you also gain access to articles and digital resources, check availability in the library, and can place yourself in a queue to borrow borrowed materials.

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Access your curriculum in three different ways

Canvas: Find the reading lists for your courses in Canvas. Here you will also be able to access any files uploaded to the reading list. It may take a day from when you registered for the course until the reading list is visible in Canvas.

Course descriptions: You can find a link to the reading list in the course descriptions on our webpage. Here, you will also find contact persons, course coordinators, and details about examinations.

UiS's reading list system, Leganto: Find the published reading lists at UiS directly in the reading list system Leganto. Can't find your curriculum list? Contact the course coordinator or your department.

Frequently asked questions

  • Reading lists for autumn courses will be published around June 1.
  • Reading lists for spring courses will be published around December 1.


The reading list consists of sections and references. The sections are the categorization/division of the curriculum, e.g. "Mandatory" and "Recommended", and the references are the curriculum. How the syllabus is divided into sections and the number of references will vary.

Reading list title

Always check the reading list title to make sure you have the correct reading list in front of you. The title of the reading list is written according to the template "Course code Course title – Semester/year", e.g. "BØK225 Macroeconomics – V21".

Public note

Always read the field "public note". Here you’ll find important information related to the curriculum, e.g. which chapter or pages to read.


  • When a reference is tagged with "Digitization Request", it means that a scan/ digitization has been ordered.
  • When a reference is tagged with "Has attachment", it means that a file (e.g. a scan/ digitization) is uploaded to the reference.

Availability in the library (physical and digital resources)

Click on the reference to see all the details. In the detailed reference view, you will see if and where a physical book is available under 'Links & Availability'. If the book is on loan, you can queue up to borrow it by requesting the book.

If a reference is available digitally, you will see a link to one or more websites/databases where the reference can be accessed

Buying books

Akademika Stavanger has a full overview of all curriculums, and will help you find the right books.

Borrow books at the library

The library have access to a limited number of curriculum books, which you can borrow. In your reading list you can see where and if the book is available via Oria.

If the book is on loan you can request the book, and you will be notified as soon as the book becomes available in the library.

Materials that are available in the library you can locate yourself and borrow on one of the library's self-check-out machines. If you need any help, drop by the library help desk. Your student-id is your library card.

If a reference is available digitally, you will find the link for it via Oria.

If something is uploaded to the reading list, you will see that the reference is tagged with "Has attachments". To access the file, you must be course registered and you must open the reading list in Canvas.

All active reading lists published at UiS can be found in the reading list system (Leganto). Anyone can search for and find reading lists in Leganto.

NB! External users will not be able to access full-text resources or material that has been scanned/ digitized and uploaded in the reading list.

If you get an ‘unknown user message’ when trying to access your reading list in Canvas, please contact the university library by email

UiS employees can find more information about Leganto at UiS employee pages.