Jan Frick is Chair of CIAM

Jan Frick, Professor at the Business School at the University of Stavanger is the leader for the Cluster on Industrial Asset Management.

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In November 2018, Jan Frick took over the responsibility from Professor Jayantha Liyanage, who held the position for over 15 years.

It has been over one year now after the change in management. With the leadership of Frick and the CIAM board; two changes that had an impact in autumn of 2019 are:

  1. Seminars at the member companies
  2. Master students from relevant studies are invited to HUBs and seminars.

In 2019, CIAM applied for and received funding for two projects, COM3 and EduInd4. Much of the activities for these projects will be run in 2020 and over.

"2019 has been a busy year for CIAM with many activities at the members companies with presentations and discussion high up on the present industry agenda in our region. These meetings allowing CIAM to come closer to the member companies will continue in 2020 with more interesting topics on the agenda," says Thom Fosselie from PTIL, and Chairman of the Board.

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