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Op-Ed Article by Associate Professor Hongyan Shi published in Harvard Business Review

The prestigious Harvard Business Review has published the article "Don't Count on Free Trials to Win You Customers" by Associate Professor of Marketing Hongyan Shi at UiS Business School.

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The article "Don’t Count on Free Trials to Win You Customers" by associate professor of marketing Hongyan Shi at UiS Business School was published in Harvard Business Review.

Shi co-wrote the article with Sadat Reza, Dixon Ho, Rich Ling and Gemma Calvert.

The authors’ research provides evidence that for “experience” goods – those where value is only discovered after consumption, for example a holiday destination, a movie, or new software – free trial campaigns should be deliberately targeting existing customers of medium to high usage. For this type of goods and services, relative to non-users, customers with some exposure to the product are more responsive to free-trial campaigns than other customers. 

Read the article in Harvard Business Review

Written by: Silje Marnburg Ellefsen