PhD and postdoctoral projects 2023

Listed below is an overview of all ongoing PhD and postdoctoral projects in SHARE.

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PhD projects

  • How can digital mental health services meet the mental health needs of asylum-seeker and refugee youth? Eli Sandsgård-Hilmarsen (UiS)
  • Person-Centred Practice in Stroke Teams: A Mixed-methods study. Asma Sabri (UiS)
  • Multi-Team Systems in the Stroke Patient Trajectory: A Qualitative Approach to Understanding a Complex Care Setting. Jicke Elon Gustaf Höök (UiS)
  • Mental healthcare in Norwegian municipal health services for youth with refugee background from Africa; A qualitative study. Charity Ambrose (UiS)
  • A discharge pathway to meet the supportive care needs of patients with prostate cancer post hospitalization Foteini Tsandila Kalakou (UiS)
  • Co-production of homecare services for senior citizens Christophe E Kattouw (UiS)
  • Coordinated and family-centred longterm care pathways for children and their families: A Resilience perspective Silje Karin Sjøseth Askeland (UiS)
  • Quality in supervision and assessment practices of nursing students in nursing home studies Christina Tølbøl Frøiland (UiS)
  • Exploring resilience in hospitals – A team-based approach Birte Fagerdal (UiS)
  • Exploring managers’ role in resilient healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic Camilla Seljemo (UiS)
  • Video Consultation Self-Efficacy in Specialized Healthcare – a multi method approach Joanna Barbara Baluszek (UiS)
  • Olfactory training for the recovery of smell after COVID-19 and the impact of quality of Life Annelin Espetvedt (UiS)
  • Exploring risk perception, sensemaking, leadership, and adaptive capacity in homecare services – a qualitative study Ingvild Idsøe-Jakobsen (UiS)
  • Learning to Adapt: The role of Individual and Collective Learning Processes in Prehospital Care Cecilie Erga (UiS)
  • Exploring leadership perspectives – the dual responsibility of HSE, and patient safety and quality of care – A single embedded case study Malin Emilia Rosell Magerøy (UiS)
  • Elaborating workers’ transitioning to new practices: Nurses learning and adopting a new clinical practice.  Kristy Elizabeth Stohlmann
  • From low-value care to high value services in radiology: measures, implementation and outcomes Eivind Richter Andersen (NTNU Gjøvik)
  • Use of mortality data for detecting factors that may affect the occurrence of avoidable deaths Jon Petter Blixt (NTNU Gjøvik)
  • Quality of care from the perspective of cancer patients receiving radiotherapy. May Ingvild Volungholen Sollied (NTNU Gjøvik)
  • Team training to support medication administration in the ambulance services Kjetil Myhr (NTNU Gjøvik)
  • Health professionals’ experiences with RCA as a quality-improving method for learning after serious adverse events. A qualitative exploratory evaluation study Silje Liepelt (NTNU Gjøvik/Ålesund)
  • Quality indicators as a sign of service quality: users, relatives and nurses’ experiences from nursing homes and home care Randi Olsson Have (NTNU Gjøvik)
  • Sykdommer vi dør med, men ikke av Elin Tueng (NTNU Gjøvik)   
  • Identification, validation and benchmarking of quality indicators in prehospital advanced airway management Alexander Kottmann (NAAF)
  • Comparing risk management in different medical crew composition models in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Kristen Rasmussen (NAAF)
  • Geriatric trauma – assessing patient safety Mathias Cuevas-Østrem (NAAF)
  • Dispatch, prehospital time, interventions and outcomes in a Norwegian Trauma population Inger Nilsbakken (NAAF)
  • Quality indicators of prehospital patient safety Linn Therese Hagen (NAAF)
  • Simulation-based team training of nontechnical skills among anaesthetic staff Anne Strand Finstad (OUS)

Postdoctoral projects

  • Patient and stakeholder involvement in resilient healthcare Veslemøy Guise (UiS)
  • Translating Resilience in Healthcare into practice by establishing a collaborative learning framework Cecilie Haraldseid-Driftland (UiS)
  • Resilience in healthcare: theoretical framework and indicator development. Hilda Bø Lyng (UiS)
  • Resilience in nursing homes and home care services before, and during the COVID-19 pandemic Malin Knutsen (UiS)
  • Stakeholder involvement in internal and external inspection of adverse events – a multi- level study of hospitals and regulatory inspection bodies in Norway Inger Johanne Bergerød (UiS)
  • Stakeholder involvement in internal and external inspection of adverse events – a multi- level study of hospitals and regulatory inspection bodies in Norway Sina Furnes Øyri (UiS)
  • Informal caregivers as sustainable partners in community healthcare services Heidi Dombestein (UiS)
  • IROS: Improving Radiological Services. From low-value care to effective highvalue services Elin Kjelle (NTNU Gjøvik)
  • Reducing adverse events and enhancing resilience in cancer care by implementing digital symptom management after immunotherapy treatment Ellinor Christin Haukland (UiS)