Abdelnour Alhourani



As an Ed-Tech Advisor at the University of Stavanger, UniPed, and holding academic positions at VID University and Noroff University, my focus is on effectively utilising educational digital tools to enhance learning experiences and support both educational processes and research. This involves the strategic development of the digital and didactical aspects of UniPed offerings, the establishment of learning analytics derived from Learning Management Systems (LMS), and the creation of interactive, blended learning courses.

In connection with my academic foundation in Biomedicine and a teaching background as an assistant professor in biology, my research interests span both the educational and biomedical fields with a list of scientific contributions and publications below to reflect this dual focus.  This is enabled by a  broad and versatile skill set is, encompassing instructional design, programming and statistical analysis in Python, R, and PowerBI, process automation, and AI app deployment. In addition, expertise extends to advanced biomedical functional imaging, chromatography, and spectroscopy techniques. This unique combination of skills and experience provides a comprehensive and innovative approach to teaching and research, situated at the intersection of education, technology, and biomedical research