Ari Krisna Mawira Tarigan

Associate Professor

Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Safety, Economics and Planning
KE C-329


Dr Ari Tarigan obtained his Doctoral of Engineering from Kyoto University, Japan where he wrote a dissertation on Transportation Engineering and Planning, with a topic about intrapersonal variability of leisure travel and activity behaviours, under the supervision of late Professor Ryuichi Kitamura and Professor Satoshi Fujii. Prior to that, he did a Master of Science program at IHE Delft, Netherlands on Municipal Water Infrastructure. His research and teaching areas include road safety, traffic engineering, travel behaviour, transportation planning, water and wastewater system, urban infrastructure planning. In the preliminary stage of his education activities, he did his bachelor of engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia. 
As an academic, he has had many opportunities to collaborate with experts from other fields as well as working together with people from governmental and non-governmental organisations in urban infrastructure projects. Dr Tarigan worked 6 years in a French-owned energy company in Norway and was involved in numerous construction and maintenance projects for energy infrastructures. He also worked for 2 years as a project engineer with IRIS.
Dr Tarigan is currently a tenured Associate Professor at deparment of safety, economics, and planning, University of Stavanger.  He won a  competitive UiS's research grant for a mobility program to visit Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan and Ritsumeikan University. Together with NIBIO, he has been recently awarded a generous research grant from the University Fund to execute a research project on "Green Infrastructure for liveable and sustainable cities" (2019-2023). 
He is available to discuss any possibilities related to his field for research and industry-based projects. He has no research fund for PhD projects at the moment, but he always welcomes potential researchers with external/own funding that are willing to collaborate or working under his supervision. 
He has secured a small-scale research grant, the 2020 Åsgard Research programme, a cooperation project between the Research Council of Norway and the Department for scientific cooperation of the French Embassy in Norway. He will do a one-week visit to a few top engineering colleges in Paris in 2021.

New project: Greencoin (EAA and Norway grants, total grant: 1.95 million EUR, 2021-2024).