Hande Eslen Ziya


Elise Ottesen-Jensen 319
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Media and Social Sciences
EOJ SV-319


I hold a PhD in Sociology from Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland and an MA in Social Psychology from Bogazici University, Istanbul Turkey. I also have a Gender Specialisation from Central European University, Budapest Hungary. In 2015, I was awarded Associate Professorship in Sociology by the Turkish Higher Education Council. I was awarded Young Outstanding Researcher by the University of Stavanger (2020). I have an established interest in gender and social inequalities, transnational organisations and social activism, and am currently working on how right-wing populist ideologies by creating alternative troll-science discourses oppose the scientific facts and gender theory. I have also co-authored a book that investigates how men construct their identities throughout their developmental trajectories –titled The Social Construction and Developmental Trajectories of Masculinities—published at Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi Yayınları (2017) and another one entitled Politics and Gender Identity in Turkey: Centralised Islam for Socio-Economic Control and published at Routledge, that looked at how illiberal regimes use discursive tools and governmentalities rather than actual public policies to foster human capital and co-edited the book titled The Aesthetics of Global Protest: Visual Culture and Communication published at Amsterdam University Press.

I am a Professor of Sociology at the University of Stavanger and the director of the Populism, Anti-Gender and Democracy Research Group at the same institution.