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About CARNorge

CARNorge (Collaborative Action Research Network in Norway) is an open and inclusive network for supporting Norwegian action research activities. -candidates conducting action research

The network aims to:

  • provide sustainable conditions for more and new action research projects in Norway
  • create a dialogue arena and research forum with a critical perspective
  • develop more knowledge about action research in Norway in terms of public information and in terms of concrete development of new knowledge
  • develop and contribute into competence development for academic and professional staff and PhD-candidates conducting action research

CARNorge vision is to encourage and support action research projects (personal, local, national, and international) developing new practice and theory into a various of scientific fields and professions in general, and into the methodology of action research in particular.

CARNorge was founded spring 2014. The background for the network was that several action researchers in Norway had met in International conferences over a long time, discussing the need for a National network. As part of the International CARN-conference held in Tromsø 2013, a meeting was held among approximately 20 Norwegian participants decided to meet again in Stavanger during the following spring for establishing a Norwegian sub network of CARN. The meeting was held in April and taking part in constituting CARNorge was Hilde Hiim OsloMet, Erling Krogh NMBU, Liv H. Jensen USN, Geir Skeie UiS, Øystein L. Johannessen SIK, Kari Fredriksen SUS, Oddrun M. H. Bråten NTNU, Roy A. Andreassen HiVOLDA, Jessica Aspfors UIN, Else Stjernstrøm UIT, Dag Husebø UiS and Bente Kvilhaugsvik, HVL. 

After the first constitutional meeting, annual network meetings have been held. A steering committee have been elected in the annual meetings, trying to make sure that the committee have been consisting of members coming from the whole country.

Two national antologies have been produced by the network, and several contributions in different National and International conferences.

Collaborative Action Research Network in Norway

CARNorge is committed to support and improve the quality of professional practice, through systematic, critical, and creative inquiry of goals, processes, and various professional contexts.


Steering committee

  • Tove Andersen, OsloMet
  • Rasa Holen, NMBU
  • Annfrid Steele, UiT
  • Kristine Ludvigsen, HVL
  • Nina C. A. Vasseljen, NTNU
  • Dag Husebø, UiS


PS! Det tidligere forkunnskapskravet er fjernet slik at dere som ikke har gjennomført første emnet (Aksjonsforskning 1) kan nå søke opptak på Aksjonsforskning 2.

Selv om kurset primært er for ph.d.-stipendiater, er det også svært relevant for kollegaer som jobber mot førstelektoropprykk - særlig kollegaer som jobber med utviklingsprosjekter som vil lære å systematisere utviklingsprosjektene til å bli forskning.

Undervisningsdatoer vår 2024:

  • 5. mars kl. 10.30-16.30
  • 6. mars kl. 8.30-16.30 
  • 7. mars kl. 8.30-14.30

Kursene vil bli holdt digitalt på Zoom.

Upcoming events

NORALF is a Nordic conference for action learning and action research in the field of pedagogy, which brings together researchers and professionals from the entire education system for presentations of and dialogues about ongoing and completed action research projects and collaborations.

At NORALF, keynote presentations take place in plenary, while other presentations and dialogues are carried out in the dialogue groups (consisting of approximately 10–12 people) in which the conference participants have their residence during the conference. There are no requirements for all participants to present, but they are expected to participate actively in the dialogues that follow the presentations. Presentations and dialogues take place in Scandinavian languages.

The conference fee, approximately SEK 1,500, includes lunch and coffee on both days, as well as a conference dinner on the evening of May 2.
A little later this autumn, we will return with more specific information about the overall structure of the days, when and how to register, as well as what information we need from participants who wish to present.

Previous events