Software Donations

Research and education today cannot be conducted without using state of the art software products. For an academic institution usual marked prices are unaffordable. We are thankful that software companies generously donate software that we can use in public research and the education of bachelor, master, and PhD students.

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The software listed below was donated to us free of charge (donation value in parentheses):

  • Badleys T7
  • Cegal Petrel plug-ins
  • CGG HampsonRussell
  • DUG Insight
  • Eliis PaleoScan
  • Emerson E&P Software
  • ffA GeoTeric
  • IHS Kingdom
  • Landmark OpenWorks (97.000.000 USD)
  • Norsar Software Suite
  • Nunns and Rogan StructureSolver
  • Petroleum Experts Move (1.875.000 GBP)
  • Petroleum Experts Prosper, GAP, PVTP, MBAL, Reveal & Resolve (2.585.000 GBP)
  • OpendTect
  • QPS Fledermaus
  • RFD tNavigator (9.000.000 USD)
  • Rothwell PaleoGIS
  • Safe FME
  • Schlumberger Eclipse, Intersect, Omni 3D, Petrel, PetroMod, Vista (61.426.000 USD)
  • Senergy Interactive Petrophysics, Oilfield Data Manager
  • Tibco OpenSpirit
  • Zetaware Genesis