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Strategy 2018-2023: FILIORUM - Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education and Care

Vision: High quality in diverse Early Childhood Education and Care settings

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Mission, vision and values

Barn sitter på gulvet og ser mot et felles punkt. De holder armene over hodet og munnene deres er åpne, som om de synger.
FILIORUMs vision:
High quality in diverse Early Childhood Education and Care settings. Photo: Getty Images.

Mission: Challenge the well-known and explore the unknown.

Vision: A driving force behind knowledge development and change.

Values: Independent, inclusive and creative.

(From UiS’ strategy for 2017 – 2020)

FILIORUM carries out outstanding research, engages in knowledge development and innovation, and is an attractive partner and policy provider for the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector. FILIORUM is working for high quality in diverse Early Childhood Education and Care settings by facilitating belonging, communication and play for all children.

FILIORUM’s goals are based on the success criteria set by The Research Council of Norway.


− FILIORUM will conduct innovative, practical and relevant research that has implications for children in Norwegian kindergartens.

− FILIORUM will conduct research at the highest international level.

− FILIORUM will stand out as a recognised research institution internationally and by 2023 it will prove to be top of mind for ECEC research and dissemination.

− FILIORUM will maintain a cross-sectional and multimethodological focus.

− FILIORUM will be a national hub for Early Childhood Education and Care research.

Application of the research

− FILIORUM will contribute to the research being known and applied in the ECEC teacher education and in the Early Childhood and Care sector.

− FILIORUM will carry out active research communication and with its professional voice, the Centre will impact the Early Childhood Education and Care sector as well as the public debate.

− FILIORUM will ensure that the research activity is relevant through active collaboration with practitioners.


− FILIORUM will, through a mutually binding collaboration with highly qualified international researchers and the research environment, ensure that FILIORUM is at the forefront of ECEC research.

− FILIORUM will attract international research fellows and senior researchers.

− FILIORUM will contribute to securing visiting positions and collaborations at international research institutions of research fellows and researchers.

Education for researchers and recruitment

− FILIORUM will help ensure that research fellows gain a large professional network and actively participate in ongoing research projects.

− To ensure high-quality recruitment, FILIORUM will involve master’s students in research projects and gatherings.

− FILIORUM will collaborate with the different units to recruit highly qualified staff for all its positions.

− FILIORUM will contribute to relevant PhD courses and gatherings.

− FILIORUM will work to promote gender balance in employment processes.


− FILIORUM’s management will work with great professional and administrative independence.

− FILIORUM will work for close collaboration between all partners involved at the University of Stavanger.

− FILIORUM will collaborate with the Board to ensure that intentions and plans are followed.

− FILIORUM will collaborate with the reference group to ensure that the research is relevant for practitioners.

− FILIORUM will collaborate with the Scientific Board to ensure that the research is innovative.

Partners and financing

− FILFILIORUM maintains and initiates collaboration with national and international partners.

− FILIORUM will lead and participate in several new and externally funded research projects, including with the EU and The Research Council of Norway.

− FILIORUM collaborates with BARNkunne, our sister centre at Western Norway University of Applied Science (HVL).

This document is the basis for FILIORUM’s action plans.