Financial status - SHARE

SHARE’s revenue is based on two components: basic funding from the University of Stavanger and reallocated overhead funds from externally funded research projects affiliated with SHARE.

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Externally funded project grants currently affiliated with SHARE (numbers in mill NOK): 

Project Project period Funding from Research Council Norway/Other funding body Own financing from UiS and partners Contractual value 
QUALinCLINStud 2018-2023 14,0 11,6 25,6 
RiH 2018-2024 12,5 53,6 66,1 
Covcom* 2020-2022 5,0 4,3 9,3 
Country wide system audit 2021-2024 2,7 NA 2,7 
Norhed II 2021-2026 17,6 0,5 18,1 
InvolveMENT 2023-2027 11,9 10,3 22,2 
EU Tools4Teams** 2023-2026 4,0 3,2 7,2 
Externally funded project grants currently affiliated with SHARE (Numbers in mill NOK): 

The externally funded project grants are budgeted with a substantial amount of own financing in the form of researcher time set aside by SHARE researchers with the three consortium partners in 2022 (UiS, NAAF, NTNU Gjøvik) and by other collaborating partners 
*Covcom is funded by Trond Mohn Foundation 
**EU Tools4Teams is an EU project with STICHTING VUMC, Nederland as coordinator 

SHARE administration project – accounting 2022 

The funds for coordinating and running daily activities of SHARE are set aside in an administration project, with the following items: 

Transfer from 2021 1.233.738 
Basic funding from UiS 1.916.535 
Reallocated overhead funds 962.003 
Reward from Helse Vest 75.000 
Reward from Lyse AS 50.000 
Salaries and social costs 2.065.395 
Other operating expenses 531.330 
Own financing to project 109.685 
Financing of pilot projects 100.000 
Transfer to 2023 1.430.865 

The financial value of externally funded projects in SHARE and the positive result at the end of 2022 of the administration project show a healthy economic development for Centre in 2022.