Bjergsted: Schedule and teaching for students

At the Faculty of Performing Arts, the academic year is divided into mainly three different categories: Regular teaching weeks, project weeks, and exam weeks. Some weeks several sections have project week, other weeks it can be a teaching week in one section, while others have project week.

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TimeEdit er timeplansystemet som brukes ved fakultetet.

Regular, scheduled teaching must (unless otherwise requested) be given priority over rehearsals / lessons that is scheduled later.

Regular teaching weeks

Scheduled, regular lessons. This teaching takes precedence over other activities and can be found in TimeEdit. Small adjustments may occur.

Project weeks

The ordinary teaching is repealed, and opportunities are provided for larger and smaller collaboration projects across courses and classes. Here, only rooms are booked by the project manager, detailed timetables will be shared in Canvas or by e-mail.

Exam weeks

The regular ordinary teaching is canceled, and exams are mainly held during these weeks. Exams can also be arranged outside the exam weeks, according to plan. Postponed performance exams are added to TimeEdit per student.

For all details about the timetable, go to TimeEdit (Timetable campus Bjergsted)

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