Canvas and Inspera

Here you will find information about Canvas and Inspera.

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Canvas is our learning platform (Learning Management System) which is used for communication between students and teachers.

Link to login:

For external users, Canvas account must be created manually by the administrator.

Note! There is a separate login for external users:

Canvas help and training

Inspera is our digital exam system that can be used for school exams, submissions for home exams and assignments, oral examination and practice.

Link for students:

If you do not have access, contact the IT Service Desk.

Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a secure browser that must be installed if you are to bring your own computer for the school exam. This program blocks access to resources on your computer during exams. Information on how to download the Safe Exam Browser can be found on the Inspera assessment website.

To test the installation of a secure browser, you can go to and sign in with the FEIDE user to then complete the demo test ┬źDemonstration with a secure browser┬╗. Enter the code uis123 to get access to the Demo test.

You can also follow Inspera video guide on How to test Safe Exam Browser to get started with SEB.

Is your browser and operating system supported?

Check here  (These requirements are continuously updated). Chromebook and tablets are not supported by UiS!