Nettskjema is a Self-service solution for secure data collection available for employees and students at the University of Stavanger, and can be used for questionnaires, audio recordings, information letters and submission of information.

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What is Nettskjema?

Nettskjema is a web- based solution that offers a secure collection of both red and yellow classified data through audio recordings or surveys. The solution is operated and supported by the University of Oslo (UiO), and is currently used by numerous customers in the higher education sector.

Nettskjema is the primary recommended tool for use in research and student assignments where personal information is obtained, either through interviews, questionnaires, registrations or multiple-choice assignments.

Nettskjema can also be used for surveys that do not contain sensitive data.

With Nettskjema you get:

  • a secure online data collection solution
  • access to create questionnaires and multiple-choice assignments and collect answers anonymously
  • a tool to invite people to participate in surveys and to read the answers that come in
  • ability to export answers to spreadsheets
  • ability to record audio data via the mobile app Nettskjema-Diktafon which you download to your mobile phone

Get started with Nettskjema:

To access Nettskjema, you must log in to (select your institution and log in with your Feide user). Nettskjema is browser based and you do not have to download an application.

Audio recordings with the "Nettskjema diktafon" app

Nettskjema offers secure audio recordings through the "Nettskjema diktafon" app. To use this function the dictaphone template must be created in nettskjema and linked to the app on your phone. The recording will be stored and transferred encrypted. Download the app and read the guide to get started.

Help and support

The University of Oslo provides user support for Nettskjema. UiO offers online user manuals and introduction videos. You can also contact customer support through, UiO Helpdesk or telephone 22 84 00 04.

If you have any questions regarding use, access or security associated with Nettskjema, you can also contact the IT department at the University of Stavanger by sending an email to

Security and privacy

Nettskjema should not be used for long-term storage of data. Collected data is automatically deleted after 6 months counting from last received input. You will be notified of this by e-mail in advance.

Nettskjema provides a secure storage place for sensitive data and should not be exported. If data collected in Nettskjema have to be exported, make sure that it is exported to a secure location.

Use the UiS Classification and Storage guide to find out how to store data at UiS.

Sensitive personal data & personal data

Forms in Nettskjema can handle sensitive personal information in accordance with UiS 'classification of data (both yellow and red data). All processing of personal data using Nettskjema, as part of research at UiS or in student assignments, must be in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act and in accordance with UiS 'guidelines for the processing of personal data.

Users of Nettskjema are responsible for familiarizing themselves with changes in Privacy and terms of use. When the terms are changed, a notice of this will be displayed in the message service for Nettskjema.

The University of Stavanger has signed a Data Processor Agreement (DPA) with the University of Oslo for the use of Nettskjema.