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KÅKÅ|nomics 2022 - The first, best and most fun economic festival of the Nordic countries

Wednesday 26 October 12:00 - Saturday 29 October 22:00,
Stavanger sentrum.

KÅKÅ|nomics is a yearly economic festival in October in Stavanger. UiS Business School is a partner and a co-organizer of the festival.

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Plakat for økonomifestivalen KÅKÅ|Nomics

The economy festival KÅKÅ|nomics starts October 26. and lasts until October 29. 2022. The festival focuses on central economic issues in the world, but in a more popular way. KÅKÅ|nomics first started because people wanted to do something substantially about economics that everybody could understand.

Norwegian and international economists will be at the festival, in addition to other professionals and public debaters. The festival program also consists of lectures, debates, talks, concerts, and films.

Read more about the festival, see the program and get your tickets at:

Events at UiS Business School

UiS Business School Seminar - Modelling Agents in Complex Transport Systems

Wed. 30.11.2022


Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus
EOJ 276/277

UiS Business School Seminar - Does Wash Trading Impact Information Dissemination in Security Markets?

Wed. 30.11.2022


Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus
EOJ 276/277, Zoom