Misperceived Returns to Active Investing – Ingar Haaland

Wednesday 14 June 2023 12:15-13:15,
EOJ 276/277.

UiS Business School Seminar – Econ & Finance

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Marketing seminar

Speaker: Associate professor Ingar Haaland, Norwegian School of Economics Title: Misperceived Returns to Active Investing

Ingar Haaland med hendene i kryss foran hvit vegg
Time and date:

Date: Wednesday June 14

Time: 12:15–13:15

Location: UiS Business School – Elise Ottesen-Jensens Hus, 2nd floor

Room: EOJ276/277

We conduct field experiments with retail investors recruited from a social trading platform. In our main experiment, we first elicit beliefs about the returns to active investing. We then generate exogenous variation in beliefs by providing treated respondents with information about index funds historically outperforming active funds. Treated respondents are 17.8 percentage points more likely to believe that index funds will outperform active funds in the future. Four months after the experiment, we collect administrative data on portfolio allocations. Treated respondents increase the index fund shares of their portfolios by 4.4 percentage points (37.7%) relative to the control group.

Join streaming of the seminar: https://stavanger.zoom.us/j/65597211738?pwd=aEJVN3EzWjJqeDY1WkRNbXIrS3Jtdz09

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