UiS School of Business and Law Alumni

UiS Alumni is a network to develop professional collaboration with former students.

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About the UiS Business School and UiS Alumni

The UiS Alumni is a network for those who have studied Business Administration, Accounting and Auditing, Business Law, and Law at the UiS Business School or the former Stavanger University College, the Rogaland University Center, or the Rogaland Regional College.

The alum network aims to give former students valuable networking, professional replenishment, and lifelong learning. It is also an opportunity to explore further professional cooperation with the University. As an alumnus, you can receive invitations to various professional and social events under the auspices of the UiS Business School and newsletters.

Becoming an Alumni

Former students in Business Administration, Jurisprudence, Accounting and Auditing, Business Law, Economics and informatics, and Executive MBA can become members of the alum network.

Why becomming a member of our Alumni Network?

We want our former students to keep in touch and develop the Alumni network for mutual benefit. In addition to meeting other former business and law students, both known and unknown, we want to establish closer cooperation between the UiS School of Business and the work-life through this network.

UiS Alumni has over 12.000 registered members; of those, the UiS Business School has about 1 000 members.

How to become a member?

Please register here on the Alumni portal and join the network " Handelshøgskolen ved UiS", If there are difficulties in getting registered, please use the form, which you can find here.

Here you can get relevant articles and newsletters and find former fellow students registered as alumni. You can do this easily by logging in with your MinID, through this link alumni.uis.no.

We will publish news, events, and more on our homepage. Additionally, you can follow us on Facebook under Handelshøgskolen UiS Alumni og Handelshøgskolen ved UiS.


Who can become a member?

Everyone who has studied higher education in Stavanger from 1969 and forward, either from the Rogaland District College, Rogaland University Center, Stavanger University College, or the University of Stavanger, can become a member.

Alumni Contacts at The UiS Business School

Epost: hhuisalumni@uis.no  Egil C. Svela Senior Adviser External Relations Phone: + 47 51 83 31 06 Hilde Ness Sandvold Senior Adviser Phone: +47 51 83 16 19

Åse Lea

Head of Alumni Phone: +47 51 83 37 47

Nominate The Alumn of the year - deadline November 1st.

The award recognizes an alumnus who is a motivator and inspiration for current and former students. Through hard work, the alumnus has distinguished himself positively through solid career development and contribution to society and business.

To be considered for the award, these criteria must be met:

  • The person must have completed a degree at the UiS Business School (or previous institution name)
  • A minimum of two years have passed since the completion of the degree
  • You cannot nominate yourself

To submit a nomination, complete this formt (lenke) no later than November 1st.

The prize committee consists of the alumni council and staff at The UiS Business School. The HHUiS Alumni Prize will be announced and awarded at an event in the autumn. Questions can be directed to hhuisalumni@uis.no