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Naeem Khademi


Det teknisk- naturvitenskapelige fakultet

Institutt for data- og elektroteknologi
  • Vitenskapelige publikasjoner
    • Khademi, Naeem; Sommer, Morten


      Intelligent and ultra-reliable connectivity for safety services in road tunnels : A system architecture

      Research Publishing Services

    • Khademi, Naeem; Ros, David; Welzl, Michael; Bozakov, Zdravko; Brunstrom, Anna; Fairhurst, Gorry; Grinnemo, Karl-Johan; Hayes, David; Hurtig, Per; Jones, Tom; Mangiante, Simone; Tüxen, Michael; Weinrank, Felix


      NEAT: A Platform- and Protocol-Independent Internet Transport API

      IEEE Communications Magazine

      ISSN 0163-6804.

      Volum 55.

      Hefte 6.


      DOI: 10.1109/MCOM.2017.1601052

    • Kuhn, Nicolas; Ros, David; Baba Bagayoko, Amadou; Kulatunga, Chamil; Fairhurst, Gorry; Khademi, Naeem


      Operating ranges, tunability and performance of CoDel and PIE

      Computer Communications

      ISSN 0140-3664.

      Volum 103.


      DOI: 10.1016/j.comcom.2016.07.013

    • Papastergiou, Giorgos; Fairhurst, Gorry; Ros, David; Brunstrom, Anna; Grinnemo, Karl-Johan; Hurtig, Per; Khademi, Naeem; Tüxen, Michael; Welzl, Michael; Damjanovic, Dragana; Mangiante, Simone


      De-Ossifying the Internet Transport Layer: A Survey and Future Perspectives

      IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials

      ISSN 1553-877X.

      Volum 19.

      Hefte 1.


      DOI: 10.1109/COMST.2016.2626780

    • Khademi, Naeem; Welzl, Michael; Armitage, Grenville; Ros, David; Zander, Sebastian; Fairhurst, Gorry


      Alternative Backoff: Achieving Low Latency and High Throughput with ECN and AQM

      DOI: 10.23919/ifipnetworking.2017.8264863

    • Islam, Safiqul; Welzl, Michael; Gjessing, Stein; Khademi, Naeem


      Coupled congestion control for RTP media

      Computer communication review

      ISSN 0146-4833.

      Volum 44.

      Hefte 4.

      DOI: 10.1145/2630088.2630089

    • Islam, Safiqul; Welzl, Michael; Gjessing, Stein; Khademi, Naeem


      Coupled congestion control for RTP media

      Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)


      DOI: 10.1145/2630088.2630089

    • Welzl, Michael; Gjessing, Stein; Khademi, Naeem


      Less-than-best-effort service for Community Wireless Networks: Challenges at three layers

      IEEE conference proceedings


      DOI: 10.1109/WONS.2014.6814737

    • Khademi, Naeem; Welzl, Michael; Gjessing, Stein


      Experimental evaluation of TCP performance in multi-rate 802.11 WLANs

      IEEE conference proceedings


      DOI: 10.1109/wowmom.2012.6263696

    • Khademi, Naeem; Welzl, Michael; Lo Cigno, Renato


      On the uplink performance of TCP in multi-rate 802.11 WLANs



      DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-20798-3_28

  • Bøker og kapitler
    • Khademi, Naeem


      Reducing Latency in Internet Access Links with Mechanisms in Endpoints and within the Network

    • Islam, Safiqul; Welzl, Michael; Gjessing, Stein; Khademi, Naeem


      Coupled Congestion Control for RTP Media

      Hefte 440.

    • Khademi, Naeem; Ros, David; Welzl, Michael


      The New AQM Kids on the Block: Much Ado About Nothing?

      Universitetet i Oslo

  • Formidling
    • Khademi, Naeem


      ICT-based Tunnel Safety: a Case for Procedural and Parametric 3D Modelling of Norwegian Road Tunnels

    • Khademi, Naeem; Welzl, Michael; Armitage, Grenville; Gjessing, Stein


      Improving the Fairness of Alternative Backoff with ECN (ABE)

    • Papastergiou, Giorgos; Grinnemo, Karl-Johan; Brunstrom, Anna; Ros, David; Tüxen, Michael; Khademi, Naeem; Hurtig, Per


      On the Cost of Using Happy Eyeballs for Transport Protocol Selection

    • Armitage, Grenville; Khademi, Naeem


      Using Delay-Gradient TCP for Multimedia-Friendly ‘Background’ Transport in Home Networks

    • Khademi, Naeem


      AP buffer sizing in IEEE 802.11 WLANs

    • Khademi, Naeem; Othman, Mohamed


      Least Attained Service Queue Management for ns-2 Network Simulator

    • Khademi, Naeem; Othman, Mohamed


      Guaranteeing Per Station and Per Flow Fairness of Downstream and Upstream Flows over IEEE 802.11 WLAN

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