Arild Michel Bakken

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I hold a PhD in Literature from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, and the University of Oslo (co-tutelle). My work in that field has contributed to changing the image of the 19th century poet Mallarmé from that of an ivory tower poet absent from his poetry to that of an engaged poet making active use of his own persona in his poetry. To this end, I developed an analytical framework based on hermeneutics and rhetoric. My PhD thesis was published as a research monograph by Honoré Champion (Bakken, 2018).
My current research is focusing on reading assessment, particularly adaptive assessments. I am project manager for the reading part of the ongoing NRC-funded project Adaptvurder, investigating the possibility for making an adaptive reading test for 3rd grade, based on modelling of skill through IRT. I am also a team member in the group developing new screening tests in reading for 1st and 3rd grade on behalf of the Directorate for Education and Training, and a work package leader in the ongoing NRC-funded innovation project Read to me, aiming to develop a platform assisting teachers’ monitoring of struggling readers. I am leading the Research Unit for Assessment of Literacy Skills, and am in the steering group for Stavanger AI Lab. I am an editor in the Nordic Journal of Literacy Research.
I am responsible for and teaching parts of a course (30ECTS) for in-service teachers on early literacy instruction in theory and practice.
2018- Associate Professor, Literacy Studies, Norwegian Reading Centre, University of Stavanger, Norway
2016-2018 French and Norwegian teacher, various institutions in Belgium (Norwegian School in Brussels, Waterloo; Centrum voor levende talen, Leuven; CVOPRO, Aalst; Private teacher, Brussels)
2015-2016 Research Fellow, French Literature, University of Oslo, Norway
2015: PhD, French Literature (co-tutelle), University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) and University of Oslo
2010: MA, French Literature, University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)
2006: BA, Modern Literature, Paul Valéry University (Montpellier III)
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