Margareth Kristoffersen


Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
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KA A-118


Margareth Kristoffersen is a Professor in Nursing Science at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Caring and Ethics, University of Stavanger. Her PhD is from University of Stavanger, and the doctoral thesis is titled “Strekke seg mot tinder, stå i kneiker: Om å fortsette i sykepleien. En studie av livsforståelsens betydning for sykepleieres utøvelse av sykepleie» [Striving for peaks, standing in uphills: remaining in nursing. A study of the significance of life-view for nurses’ practice of nursing]. Margareth Kristoffersen is by education a nurse and a nursing teacher, with further education in diaconia, pedagogy and supervision, leadership and management. Her research interest focuses on the nursing discipline and moral or moral-philosophical related ideas pertaining to that discipline, and how such ideas are expressed by nurses.  Specifically, the focus is on the question of why nurses remain in the profession and how the question relates to the nurses’ life-view, self-understanding, strong evaluation, identity and self-realization. Another focus is relationship-based nursing care, professional identity, professional development, competence, leadership and qualitative methods.