A new one-year program in Business and Management is popular among this year's applicants.

The new one-year program in Business and Management at the University of Stavanger, School of Business and Law, was very well received by this year's national applicants for higher education.

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The new one-year program at UiS allows students to test whether a higher business education suits them.
Application Numbers for Higher Education at the UiS School of Business and law

The new figures from the National Admission Office (Samordna opptak) show that the UiS School of Business and Law's new one-year program is popular among this year's applicants.

"It is very gratifying to see how well-received our new one-year program in Business and Management is. Many 20-year-olds are uncertain about what they want to study. The one-year program makes it easier for them to test whether a business education is right for them," says Ola Kvaløy, the dean of the UiS School of Business and Law.

Last winter, the news broke that the UiS School of Business and Law will offer a one-year program in economics and management starting in the fall of 2024. The program is a perfect fit for those who haven't decided what to become. At the same time, it is also suitable for those who already have an education or are employed but want to enhance their skills in business and management.

Middelaldrende mann med brunt hår og blå skjorte ser i kamera
Dean Ola Kvaløy, at the UiS School of Business and Law, is pleased with this year application numbers.

Popular Bachelor programs

In addition to the considerable interest in the recently introduced one-year program, there was a great demand for the Bachelor's program in business and administration.

The Bachelor's program in Business and Administration remains among the faculty's most in-demand study programs. This year, we plan to admit 180 new students. In total, 461 applicants listed the bachelor program as their first choice. Overall, the study programs mentioned above received 754 first-choice applicants.

The announcement of a new master's degree in Law impacted the number of applicants for the Bachelor's program in legal studies last year. This year, the Bachelor's program in Law was among the top choices, with 384 first-choice applicants competing for 60 study spots. The significant interest resulted in a 10.7% increase in first-choice applicants compared to the 2023 admission.

This year's application numbers confirm the popularity of the UiS School of Business and Law study programs.

– We are very pleased with the application numbers. The younger generation understands that competence in business and law is and will continue to be important in the future, adds Kvaløy

Significant interest in the master's programs

The numbers from this year's admission process show that there is still significant interest in applying for the Master of Science degree in Business and Administration. Compared to last year's figures, this attractive study program has 53 more first-choice applicants in the local admission process, representing a 15.5% increase.

After the introduction of tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA, almost all study programs at UiS experienced a sharp decline in the number of international applicants. Although this decline also affected the School of Business and Law's international study programs, it remained the most sought-after international program at the University of Stavanger.

The below application numbers are listed in Norewegian:

StudieprogramFørstevalgssøkere per studieplass 2024 (2023) Opptaksplasser 2024 (2023) Antall førstevalgssøkere 2024 (2023) Prosentvis endring i førstevalgssøkere 2023–2024
Årsstudium økonomi og ledelse6,2 (nytt 2024) 47 (nytt 2024) 293 (nytt 2024) (nytt 2024)
Bachelor økonomi og administrasjon 2,6 (2,9)180 (191)461 (552)-16,5%
Bachelor rettsvitenskap 6,4 (5,8)60 (60)384 (347)10,7%
Master økonomi og administrasjon 5,2 (3,4)76 (100)396 (343)15,5%
Master rettsvitenskap 6,7 (11,2)45 (30)302 (335)-9,9%
Master regnskap og revisjon 4 (6,8)40 (25)158 (170)-7,1%
Master of Business Administration (MSB) 7 (23,6)24 (37)168 (872)-80,7%

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