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About CIAM

CIAM is a network of companies and university with focus on industrial asset management. It is administered by UiS, but controlled by the companies via the board.

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CIAM's mission

  • Increase companies' profitability and sustainability by increasing competency
  • Industrial asset management by enabling employees to perform:
    • innovation
    • analytics
    • digitalization
    • industry 4.0
  • Increase competency and initialize initiatives through:
    • dialogue between competent companies
    • dialogue between competent companies and university

CIAM offers:

  • meeting points for knowledge exchange
  • access to competent network within your professional interest
  • access to Master and Ph.D students
  • participation in courses and projects

Cluster leader and project coordinators

Avd. for innovasjon, led. og mark.føring
Kontor for forskningsadministrative tjenester
Institutt for maskin, bygg og materialteknologi
Timelønnet universitetslektor

The CIAM board

Dag Nedrum
CIAM – Chairman of the Board
Petrolink AS

Thom Fosslie
CIAM – Deputy Chair of the Board
Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA)

Erik Fiskaa
ConocoPhilips Skandinavia AS

Espen Olsen
University of Stavanger

Tor Henning Hemmingsen
University of Stavanger

Rickard Dalman
Oceaneering AS

Jan Vasland Jessen

Become a member!

As a member of CIAM, you join a network of competent people who share the same professional interest as you. You get the opportunity to participate in discussions in the professional knowledge hubs of your interest.

You also get the opportunity to initiate student projects at your company. This can be at bachelor, master or PhD level.

We offer two kinds of memberships:

  • Company membership, where any number of participants from the company can attend any CIAM event.
  • Individual membership is for those who work in a company which is not a member of CIAM. You can sign up as personal member and get access to one or more of the knowledge hubs, exactly like company members.

Company membership

To develop networks between companies and between the company and the university is essential for a company which wants to develop well. The different professional environments within the company needs to connect to different partners to be relevant for the daily work. CIAM offers a unique opportunity to achieve this. Through the different knowledge hubs, the company can develop networks on several levels where different people connect to the relevant partners.

As company member, there are no limitations on the number of employees participating on any of the arrangements at CIAM. The membership is also a good opportunity to run student projects at the company on any level (bachelor, master or Ph.D). This also represents a possibility for the company to recruit and check out possible future employees. The student projects will be a cooperation between the student, the company, and the supervisor from the university.

Since the university is an active member of CIAM, the company membership also implies a possibility for the company to influence the direction in which the university should develop. The company will have a saying in what skills the university should develop and teach to educate future employees who will be relevant to the industry.

The membership fee is dependent on the revenue of the company. For the smallest companies, the fee is 15.000 NOK, while it is 75.000 NOK for the biggest. Do not hesitate to contact us at to discuss membership for your company.

Individual membership

As a network of competence, we want to include companies, professional environments, and individuals who fucus on operation and maintenance of critical equipment or assets. Through our activities we want all the individuals participating to develop their competence to be better contributors to increased value creation at the companies where they are employed.

We know there are a lot of individuals in companies who possess a deep competence or interest in asseet management, but where the company itself is not a CIAM member. Thus we have opened up for individual membership.

As individual member you have the same rights as employees assosiated with a company membership. This means you can sign up to any arrangement within any knowledge hub in the CIAM network. For the time beeing there are 5 active knowledge hubs where we arrange workshops, and we are working towards establishing more hubs.

If your interest is solely for one specific knowledge hub, you may choose to limit the membership to this one. You can sign up for any of the arrangements within this hub and develop your network within this specific field.

For a company membership, the company can sign up any and how many they want of their employees to all arrangements within CIAM. The individual membership is personal and can therefore not be transferred to other persons in your company. In addition, also company members influence the network most, since they are the only ones eligible to vote in the yearly general assembly meeting.

The yearly fee for the individual membership depends on if you want to have the opportunity to participate in all knowledge hubs, or just in one specific. For freely to sign up to all hubs the yearly fee is 3000 NOK, for limitation to one specified hub it will be 1500 NOK.

For more information about CIAM  membership, contact us at