Students at UiS Partner with Industry to Tackle Environmental Challenge

In a remarkable demonstration of applied learning and industry collaboration, master's students from the UiS School of Business and Law recently presented their projects to a group of industry representatives as part of the collaboration with InGenious Program.

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Studentgruppe som diskuterer med hverandre

This semester initiative underscores the practical elements of the Sustainable Business Development course, which adopts a firm perspective to address real-world challenges.

This spring, the program partnered with Zaptec and Positival, who provided the students with case studies that challenged them to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application. At Zaptec, the students tackled three distinct cases, focusing on strategies to reduce emissions, enhance reusability and reparability, and implement green practices. Under the expert guidance of both industry professionals and academic supervisors, the students developed tailored recommendations aimed at driving sustainable business practices, illustrating the potent synergy between academia and industry.

Established in the fall of 2019, the collaboration between UiS School of Business and Law and the InGenious Program has flourished, offering students a set of co-curricular activities in close collaboration with industry partners. These include case studies, seminars, workshops, and field trips designed to enrich their learning experience, foster a practical understanding of business concepts and face and prepare them for the future and working life. This semester, the students participated in a Design Thinking Workshop and a field trip to GE Healthcare, with their peers from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Studenter på omvisning hos GE Healthcare

Feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly encouraging, with many appreciating the accessibility and supportive nature of their industry partners. Johan Floyd Boles, a master student at UiS School of Business and Law, shared his enthusiasm:

– It is a great opportunity to use the knowledge we acquire in the course and work on real-life cases. The experience is genuinely enriching and prepares us for our future careers.

The success of these presentations not only highlights the practical applications of business theories but also strengthens the bond between the university and the business community, paving the way for future collaborations that benefit both students and industry alike. This initiative is a testament to UiS's commitment to providing an education that transcends traditional learning and equips students with the skills and experiences necessary to thrive in a competitive business environment.

Masterstudenter på Handelshøgskolen UiS som holder presentasjon for bransjerepresentanter
Lærere på Handelshøgskolen sammen med bransjerepresentanter.