Industry awards to energy students

Repsol and Vår Energi awarded a total of nine prizes and NOK 350,000 to bachelor and master students at UiS.

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To glade studenter med hver sin sjekk.
Two happy winners, Pedram Gargari and Lisa Egeland Jonassen. Photo: Kjersti Riiber

Master student Lisa Egeland Jonassen walked away with two prizes and 100,000 Norwegian kroner in prize money. The award ceremony arranged by the Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering and the Department of Energy Resources took place before the master ceremony in Stavanger Forum 16th of June.

The awards are given to motivate students to innovate. This is the industry's way of showing that they value those students who go a little further to achieve good results. The award ceremony also gives students the opportunity to meet some of the companies that may become their future employers.

"This is an important milestone, it marks the end of your time as master's students. The award is a reminder that if you work hard and use your talent, you will succeed," Grethe Foldnes from Repsol said.

And the winners are …

Repsol's prizes (NOK 50,000 each) to the three best master's students in various categories in petroleum technology and geology (selection based on grades):

  • Muhammad Suleman
  • Imad Chidiac
  • Lisa Egeland Jonassen

Vår Energi's awards (25,000 to four bachelor students and 50,000 to two master's students) to:

  • Vidar Johannes Sagvik (bachelor student)
  • Sara Marlen Kolstø (bachelor student)
  • Amalie Frafjord (bachelor student)
  • Thomas Gingstad (bachelor student)
  • Pedram Gargari (master's student)
  • Lisa Egeland Jonassen (master's student)

Text: Kjersti Riiber

From left Muhammad Suleman, Gjertrud Halset (Vår Energi), Pedram Gargari, Vidar Sagvik, Sara Kolstø, Thomas Gingstad, Lisa Jonassen, Amalie Frafjord, Ørjan Jentoft (Vår Energi) , Grethe Foldnes (Repsol) og Imad Chidiac.
Vår Energi's bachelor awards: Vidar Sagvik, Amalie Frafjord, Sara Kolstø og Thomas Gingstad.
Repsol's awards: Imad Chidiac, Lisa Egeland Jonassen, Grethe Foldnes (representing Repsol) and Muhammad Suleman.