Find your way around campus: Electronic map

Our electronic map MazeMap will lead you straight to the office or the auditorium you are looking for! The map also contains other important information about buildings and outdoor spaces.

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This is MazeMap

The map solution is designed to help students, visitors and employees find their way around UiS' campuses (and other places, mainly in Norway).

  • All floors and room numbers on the central university area are entered in the digital map.
  • You can search for room number and share the result with others via email or Facebook.
  • It is also possible to find defibrillators, toilets, cafés and other facilities on campus.

Download the app

The map has a mobile app version - download it here:

This is how it works

  • Navigate the map by using your fingers on the mobile screen or the mouse on a PC, and select a point by clicking on the map. You can also zoom in and out with + (plus) and - (minus) symbol at the top left. You use the up and down arrow symbols to move between floors.
  • Each change will provide a new, unique URL.
  • At the top in the middle you will find a search field where you can search for room numbers, cafes etc.
  • The search field will give you more hits, click on the hit you want (for example A101)
  • On your mobile you can also click on "Click here to find your position" in the middle of the screen at the bottom. This will give you the shortest route to the destination.
  • When you click on a point on the map, you will see a menu. Then you can add/remove markings in the map, share exactly this map reference (link), create a path to where you are going or report an error. (This applies to both PC and mobile/tablet).

What buildings are included in the map?

  • All of the main Ullandhaug campus is described in detail in the map.
  • Måltidets hus, furthest south on campus, is included. Here you will find, among other things, a laboratory for biological chemistry.
  • The offices of the Reading Centre in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's building are not detailed, for example, but the NPD building is marked on the map.
  • The Faculty of Performing Arts' building in Bjergsted has its own entry on the map.
  • The same applies to the Archaeological Museum on Våland.