How to be a student?

Welcome! Student starter kit covers some of the most common questions students wonder about.

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Welcome! Student starter kit

Whether you are a first-year student or not, check out for information about student life. Many students ask themselves how they will meet new friends, live on a student budget, or best prepare for exams. Get advice and tips from other students who have had these same questions.

About the project

Welcome! Student starter kit is a digital resource for first-year students at European universities to support them in their transition from high school to higher education. The starter kit is designed to provide these students with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the student role and an interest in academic skills before their first lecture, thus enabling them to start their studies faster and better.

Partners in this international project led by UiS are the University of Iceland and Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). Funding is provided by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme. The content of the starter kit is based on focus group interviews and a survey of experienced students from the three partner universities in 2021. At UiS, content and webpage are developed in cooperation between the University Library, The School Laboratory of Science, and NettOp. UiS students and representatives from The Student Organisation at UiS (StOr), Fadder, and The Student Organisation in Stavanger (SiS) have been involved in the production. 

The first version of Welcome! Student starter kit is now published. The next step in this three-year project is a new survey and an additional round of focus group interviews, this time with first-year students. Based on these results, the webpage will be improved and filled with further content to ensure its relevance and usefulness to the project’s target group. The webpage will be completed in August 2023.