Rune Todnem By appointed Professor of Leadership at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management

After 15 years at British universities followed by two years at the UiS Business School, Rune Todnem By joins the established leadership and organisational change community at the University of Stavanger Faculty of Social Sciences as Professor of Leadership.

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Professor Rune Todnem By is appointed Professor of Leadership at the UiS Faculty of Social Sciences, Norwegian School of Hotel Management. Photo: TEDx Stavanger.

In his roles as Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Change Management: Reframing Leadership and Organizational Practice, and chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation Rune is driven by a mission to explore and establish new ways of perceiving and practicing leadership in support of the delivery of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and beyond. Arguing that senior decision-makers are currently trying to solve new challenges with old approaches, he emphasises leadership as something we do rather than something we are. In his 2021 article ‘Leadership: In Pursuit of Purpose, Rune introduces the PAC leadership approach with a focus on the production of Purpose, Alignment, and Commitment, and the Telos Leadership Lens (TLL) arguing that (1) Leadership is a responsibility of the many, not a privilege of the few; (2) Leadership is the collective pursuit of delivering on purpose; and (3) Leadership purpose is to be guided by internal goods (exemplified by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals).

– I am truly excited about joining a research and practice community putting an emphasis on leadership, organisational change, and sustainable development. No matter what we, our graduates and partners do, and which sector we do it in, leadership is essential when facing current and future challenges and opportunities. Hence, I am hoping to establish a community MAD House (Making A Difference) taking the lead on leadership together with partners here at UiS”, By states.

Here you can see By's 2019 TEDx Stavanger contribution "Let’s go EPICally MAD".