Seed Funding – Green Transition 2024

In order to increase cross-faculty research collaboration and boost green transition topics within the education offered at UiS, UiS provides funds for academic staff's initiatives linked to green transition. The deadline to apply is 22 April.

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To kvinner i lyse klær og en mann i rød genser står ved et
Coordinator for green transition, Rebecca Briedis and Director of Research Kjersti Melberg og Director of InnovationTroels Jacobsen invites academic staff at UiS to engage in green research and educational projects.

Information about the seed funding initiative 


Collaboration across disciplines is a prerequisite to apply for seed funding in 2024 and proposals must include academics from more than one department. National or international collaboration, or collaboration with public or private partners is also encouraged. 


Projects can have a clear research, or an education approach or combine the two:  

  • Research: The Green Transition Seed Fund wants to strengthen and support research that will contribute to the green transition of society. Projects could be pilot/proof-of-concept studies or activities that could lead to external funding applications. 
  • Education: The Green Transition Seed Fund wants to support the integration of sustainability goals into educational programmes to build transition skills for UiS candidates. Proposals that incorporate new learning approaches or offers to students will be prioritised.  

Matchmaking workshop 

Are you looking for partners?! A matchmaking workshop aimed at fostering interdisciplinary collaborations between academics from different departments and faculties. During this event you will have the possibility to pitch your research interests and meet UiS colleagues and discuss opportunities for collaboration. Information on the workshop can be found here at Intranett: Lunch and Match - Green transition  

Lunch and Match: Green Transition 
19 March 2024 12-1:30 pm   

Proposal criteria 

Each project can apply for up to NOK 60 000, and 7-10 projects will be funded in total. All UiS employees in temporary or permanent academic positions can apply (e.g. PhD students, postdocs, and other scientific staff). The project must take place in 2024, and the funds spent by 31 December 2024. Groups of academics who already received funding support last year will not be eligible with the same partnership. Examples of what the funding can be used for:  

  • Direct costs for acquiring software, equipment, materials, existing infrastructure, etc.,   
  • Personnel costs (e.g. student assistants) for data collection or coordination, or  
  • Workshops, conferences, or seminars etc.   

Project timeline 

  • Matchmaking workshop: 19 March  
  • Deadline for applications: 22 April 
  • Grants notified on 15 May 
  • Project span 15 May – 31 December  

Proposal outline 

  • Project description including planned activities and deliverables (MAX 500 WORDS)  
  • Short description of applicants 
  • List of activities with associated budget  

Assessment criteria 

  • Impact: impact of proposed activities and expected outcomes.  
  • Scientific quality: clarity of methodology and relevance of the project with regards to the green transition.  
  • Quality of implementation: work plan, deliverables, and budget coherence with regards to project ambition.  

The proposals will be assessed by Kjersti Melberg, Director of Research, and Troels Jacobsen, Director of Innovation.  

Send the application to Rebecca Briedis, coordinator Green transition