Strategy 2027 for Stavanger University Library

Stavanger University Library will be a driving force for knowledge development, value creation and welfare at the university and the society around us.

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A driving force for knowledge development

Stavanger University Library is the most important academic research library in the region. We are dedicated to contributing to the success the University of Stavanger by offering quality support and resources to both students and staff. With focus on service at all levels, the library will offer support and resources that help strengthen the quality of education and research. Our goal is for students at UiS to master everyday student life and complete their degrees.  

We will:

  • show you how to find and assess what you need for your studies, research or when lecturing 
  • give you access to updated information and knowledge 24/7 
  • offer inspiring study spaces and good learning environments 
  • offer good services in the fields of research and publishing  
  • offer you relevant classes and tools that will improve your everyday study- and work life  
  • give you qualified answers and a friendly service 
  • give you access to professional and social arenas as well as a reference desk 

1. Strenghten our academic content

We will ensure quality in education and research through active dissemination and distribution of updated knowledge to our users.

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We are dedicated to developing our academic activities further to make Stavanger University Library an attractive place to work and study. Our goal is to provide all users with access to quality-assured and relevant research literature and services so that they acquire essential knowledge and useful skills. 

We will:

  • increase access to relevant and updated resources within all subject areas at the University of Stavanger, both digitally and physically 
  • actively make available and share quality-assured and up-to-date knowledge 
  • collaborate more with other libraries and participate in professional networks 

2. Strengthen the quality of research and dissemination

We will help strengthen the research quality at the university to make UiS reach its open science goals.

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In collaboration with the faculties, the university library will conduct workshops, events, offer guidance and hold meetings to help researchers publish their research. The goal is to create a space for discussion and reflection, as well as making UiS visible in the region. 

We will:

  • work actively to promote the outcome of open science  
  • increase the range of services within research support and publishing 
  • further develop our services and create new innovative services 
  • be an active and important partner across professional communities  be an independent and interdisciplinary arena for research and knowledge dissemination 

3. Strengthen the quality of education and learning

Through various activities, we will strengthen the quality of education, student learning and student papers.

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The university library will teach students how to find, evaluate and make critical use of information as well as offer guidance on how to use and cite sources to reduce the risk of plagiarism. By offering classes in academic writing and study techniques, we want to ensure that students develop awareness of what it means to be a student and the academic skills required to succeed. Finally, we will strive to reach all our users with relevant information at the right time. 

We will:

  • offer relevant classes containing active forms of learning and high-quality teaching 
  • offer quality-assured guidance 
  • offer even more services that increase users' academic competence, contributing to learning for life 
  • further develop our learning resources and create new innovative services 
  • collaborate with academic communities to integrate the library classes into the ordinary educational programme 

4. Create an attractive learning and work environment  

We will facilitate good study activities that promote learning and well-being among students. Employees shall feel connected to the university library, and we will ensure good opportunities for skill development and growth.

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It is important for us to be welcoming and friendly. We will greet everyone with a smile and make it easy for our visitors to find what they are looking for and get the help they need. We will ensure that the need for work and study spaces is covered and adapt to changes such as new requirements and tasks. Furthermore, the library will facilitate good work and study activities by encouraging dissemination of knowledge, interdisciplinary meetings and idea development in the region. .

We will:

  • constantly strive to be better hosts 
  • further develop attractive and inspiring physical learning environments  
  • develop and maintain good digital services on various platforms 
  • contribute to the development of a creative and well-functioning campus 
  • work actively to unify more first-line services in the library 
  • work actively for an inclusive and health-promoting working environment
  • facilitate development of the library staff through competence building and recruitment 
  • think sustainability in all our tasks 

5. Make the library’s services known

Stavanger University Library and our services shall be well known among students, staff and other users.

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By increasing our marketing efforts, we will ensure that our activities, professional guidance, access to media and good learning environments are well known. Moreover, we will strive to make people in the region more aware of the research that takes place at UiS. 

We will:

  • prepare and implement a marketing plan 
  • actively communicate our offers and services 
  • increase awareness of the university library among staff and students 
  • increase awareness of UiS in the region 

Did you know that the university library ...

... is open 24/7 for students and staff?

... has more than 400 000 visitors every year?

... has access to more than 70 000 e-journals?

… has close to 1 million downloads of digital articles each year?

… has more than 500 000 books available, both physical and digital?