- This is my favorite place on campus

UiS student Camilla Sleire has found her favorite place.

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Bilde av kvinne som sitter på stol og smiler

"When you enter the library you will feel the energy straight away. This is without a doubt my favorite place on campus. I'm here almost every day", says Camilla, as we walk through the library.

She points to an empty table and smiles.

"This is my regular place. I love sitting here in the quiet reading zone", says Camilla, who is working on a master's degree in English and Literacy Studies.

Student leter etter bøker i bokhyllen

A unique library

Stavanger University Library is not quite like an ordinary traditional library.

Upstairs there is a constant low hum of students working together and laughing. Large plants give the room a homely atmosphere.

The library is open 24/7.

Gets a lot of help in the library

Student leter etter bøker i bokhyllen

Camilla has been a student at UiS for almost six years and has also got a part-time job in the library.

"It is fantastic to see how much support the library offers. Whether it's help with research projects or guidance, you always get great help here", she says.

She is currently writing her master's thesis on an American writer in the 19th century called Henry David Thoreau, and she is particularly grateful when the library helps her with ordering books and articles from other libraries.

Welcome to the library!

Text: Marie Kulander Knudsen.
Photo: Tonje Elise Karlsen.

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