Admission to PhD programmes

Here you will find information on how to proceed when you apply for admission to one of the PhD programes at UiS.

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Admission to PhD programmes

The majority of the people admitted to our PhD programmes are employed at UiS. If you are going to be employed somewhere else during your time as PhD candidate, you have to apply for admission to the PhD education.

To apply for admission you have to fulfill certain requirements:

  • A five-year master's degree or equivalent education
  • A good project description that falls within the subject area of one of our programmes
  • A funding plan. For applicants who are not fully funded through scholarship, documentation is required that at least 50% of the working hours during the programme can be used for organised research training and that at least one year can be devoted to full-time studies.

The application form for admission to PhD programmes at UiS must be signed by the person who will take on the role as main supervisor. If it has not been decided yet, but you fullfill all the other requirements, you can submit the application as a preliminary application. If your project description falls within one of our PhD programmes subjct areas, the PhD administration at the relevant faculty can assist you in getting in contact with a potential supervisor.

Applications without enclosed project description, certified documentation of previous relevant studies or a complete plan for funding, will normally be rejected.

Most of our PhD programmes admit candidates continuously.

Application form for admission to PhD programme at UiS

Guidlines for the application form