CIAM Hub for Operation and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance optimization efforts both in the offshore and land-based industries over the last few years have been increased significantly due to current challenges in the sectors.

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Major focus has been on use of technological means and operational improvements seeking production, safety, and environmental benefits.

A considerable potential still exists to optimize O&M of production assets through various solutions, where technological, operational, process-related, and even managerial aspects can bring significant positive impact in value creating processes. 

Industries have been presented with various O&M optimization solutions over the years varying from Total Quality and plant automation, to Business process re-engineering. Various tools and instruments for both operational and technological improvements have also been available from time to time.

History has taught that “there is no one size that fits for all” as the business conditions can vary from place to place. In addition, both offshore and land-based industry can draw lessons learned and knowledge from each other to improve performance and value creations. This needs exchange of valuable experience and exploring effective and smart solutions in operational, technological, and managerial aspects that help support the O&M optimization efforts.

This Knowlege Hub is the meeting place for those who have a passion and professional interests on the subject. It provides a collaborative support platform among the experts in the region for learning, innovation, and professional development.

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