Operation and Maintenance

In the face of current industry challenges, there has been a marked increase in operations and maintenance (O&M) optimization efforts in both offshore and land-based industries..

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The primary focus has been leveraging technology and operational enhancements for production, safety, and environmental benefits. However, the substantial potential for further O&M optimization still exists through technological, operational, process-related, and managerial solutions, which can significantly impact value-creation processes.

Over the years, industries have met various O&M optimization solutions, ranging from Total Quality and plant automation to Business Process Reengineering. Tools and instruments for operational and technological improvements have also been available intermittently. Maintenance, Lean Management, Industry 4&5, Quality Management, and Digitalization remain core issues.

Drawing from historical learnings, it's clear that a "one size fits all" approach doesn't suffice as business conditions vary across locations. Both offshore and land-based industries can benefit from sharing experiences and knowledge to improve performance and value creation, and this necessitates the exchange of valuable experience and the exploration of effective and "smart" solutions in operational, technological, and managerial aspects.

ISO-55000 outlines an essential future for asset management, even if not all standard elements apply to every company.

This is the meeting place for those who have a passion and professional interests on the subject, and serves as a meeting place for those passionate and professionals interested in the subject. The O&M provides a collaborative platform for regional experts, fostering an environment conducive to learning, innovation, and professional development. CIAM aims to support and enhance O&M optimization efforts across industries.

Operation and maintenance were the core issues when CIAM started as the Centre for Operation and Maintenance in 1998, and they are still core issues in Asset Management even if they often merge with the other topics.

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