Data Management

Data management and information systems play a critical role in the industrial sector.

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The advent of novel data management platforms and electronic capabilities has ushered in new operational scenarios across virtually all business sectors.

Recognizing the growing impact of data and IT in technical and operational decision-making processes, CIAM also focuses on Data Management, and is dedicated to exploring the increasingly data-dependent, real-time decision-making processes emerging in today's industries. We also acknowledge the myriad challenges this innovative context presents, ranging from security to trust-related issues.

Our activities cover a broad spectrum, from the general digitalization of various operations to changes spurred by advancements commonly described as Industry 4.0 and 5.0.

The primary purpose is to unite those passionate about, interested in, or tasked with responsibilities in the data and IT sector. We aim to foster a collaborative environment where members can effectively explore opportunities to leverage smart data in industrial settings.

Whether you're interested in the broader trends in data management, the potential implications of new technologies, or the strategic use of data for industrial advantage, CIAM offers a relevant platform for learning, discussion, and innovative thinking.

CIAM is a member of the Norwegian Center for Cyber and Information Security, CCIS

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