Safety and Risk

Despite adopting the zero-accident philosophy, industrial sectors face significant health and safety performance challenges.

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Major accidents and undesired events still occur on various scales, often attributed to a complex interplay of factors such as culture, risk awareness, work sociology, working conditions, managerial practices, and procedural deviations.

Despite valuable knowledge acquired over years of historical events, health and safety risks in industrial settings are increasingly challenging to address in the modern industrial context. The evolution of work settings and practices necessitates new perspectives and innovative strategies to improve the current scenario.

This knowledge hub brings together those passionate about, interested in, or responsible for health and safety issues. The hub is a collaborative platform for stakeholders to explore opportunities to make a difference in managing major accidents and unwanted event-related risks in industrial settings.

The Safety and Risk Hub aims to foster an environment of learning, innovation, and shared expertise. Members can jointly develop solutions to enhance safety protocols, reduce risk, and ultimately create safer, more sustainable industrial environments through this platform. CIAM believes a collective safety and risk management approach can significantly improve industrial health and safety performance.

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