PhD Project Course in Industrial Asset Management (OFF920)

The course will contain a two stage learning process covering topics at the advanced level in industrial asset management.

Course description for study year 2024-2025. Please note that changes may occur.


Course code




Credits (ECTS)


Semester tution start

Spring, Autumn

Number of semesters


Exam semester

Spring, Autumn

Language of instruction



The course will contain a two stage learning process covering topics at the advanced level in industrial asset management. The first stage involves analysis and reflections on leading scholarly work on a specific theme of interest. The second stage will extend the learning components to the student's own PhD project with due focus on use of principles and perspectives to shape guide the R&D process. The course is intended to bring the student to the research front in a specific area related to his/her own PhD project. The course will comprise of relevant articles (and books) on a selected topic / theme. The module will be streamlined with respect to the scope of the PhD project.

Learning outcome

After completed the course, the student shall have sufficiently detailed knowledge of a chosen area or a specific topic to be at the research front within the field. It is expected that the student(s) will be able to do proper analysis, review and reflections on the topic, and subsequently perform thorough research and development within the specific topic of interest.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Report and presentation

Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Report 1/2 Passed / Not Passed
Presentation 1/2 Passed / Not Passed

Report and Individual presentation based on individual course plan. Assessment: Pass / Fail.

Coursework requirements

Presentations through defined Learning stages for discussion and review. Based on review, critique, and reflections of other's work and own ideas.

Assessment: Approved / Not approved.

Course teacher(s)

Course teacher:

Idriss El-Thalji

Head of Department:

Mona Wetrhus Minde

Course coordinator:

Jayantha Prasanna Liyanage

Method of work

Guided Lectures/Academic discussions and group/individual work involving reflections, critique, and defense.

Open for

The course is open for students registered for PhD study.

Course assessment

There must be an early dialogue between the course supervisor, the student union representative and the students. The purpose is feedback from the students for changes and adjustments in the course for the current semester.In addition, a digital subject evaluation must be carried out at least every three years. Its purpose is to gather the students experiences with the course.


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