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Supervised Reading Course: Theories in Management Research PHD602

Course description for study year 2021-2022. Please note that changes may occur.

Course code




Credits (ECTS)


Semester tution start

Spring, Autumn

Number of semesters


Exam semester


Language of instruction


Offered by

Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences

Learning outcome


The candidate

• has advanced knowledge of a specific topic within theories and methods in management research

• knows how to identify knowledge gaps in the research literature

• can evaluate characteristics and appropriateness of different types of literature reviews


The candidate

• can plan, conduct and present an appropriate literature review within a chosen topic

• can participate in advanced discussions at the research front within the chosen topic

General competence

The candidate

• can conduct literature review projects

• can synthesize research that may generate new knowledge

The course is a supervised reading course that covers in- depth topics in the leadership and management research literature. The course is tailored to the state of the art in the specific field, and typically aims to review salient elements of the literature as one or more of: the research history, main theories, research traditions and current research.  Through a series of seminars/workshops with the course leader, the candidates are guided through their selection of interesting segments of the management- and leadership research literature, their selection of review method and towards writing an appropriate review paper (e.g., a narrative review, an integrative review, a systematic review etc. as appropriate).
Required prerequisite knowledge
Participants must be enrolled in a PhD programme. 
Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Take home exam 1/1 Pass - Fail

Written paper of 15-30 pages excluding references and appendices (APA7 format).

Course teacher(s)
Course coordinator: Torvald Øgaard
Method of work
Supervised reading course, with scheduled workshops/meetings for planning and discussions.
Open for
Single Course Admission to PhD-Courses Single Course Admission to PhD-Courses Single Course Admission to PhD-courses Health and Medicine, PhD Programme Literacy studies - PhD Risk Management and Societal Safety - PhD PhD programme in Social Sciences Educational Sciences - PhD Programme Technology and Natural Science - PhD programme Educational Sciences and Humanities - PhD
Course assessment
The course will be assessed and evaluated according to the University of Stavanger's administrative quality system.
The syllabus can be found in Leganto