Outdoor Education: Winter, Coast friluftsliv and Leadership (UDR200)

For this subject, the students will gain knowledge, skills and a general proficiency related to planning, execution and evaluation of excursions in winterfriluftsliv and coastlife. Being able to lead in these excursions is a key element in the subject.

Course description for study year 2023-2024. Please note that changes may occur.


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  • Knowledge about ski, equipment and gear for the winter mountain
  • Winter excursion to Nesbyen: Ski play, classic ski, Alpine skiing 7 days
  • Novise winter excursion 5 days.
  • Advanced winter excursion 5 days.
  • Excursion planning with route planning and risk assessment 
  • Student-led excursion winter, with other students. 4 days
  • Rowing and fishing excursion for 3-4 days
  • Outdoor leadership theory and practice
  • Equipment and packing
  • Different snow types and snow conditions 
  • Accident prevention and first aid for outdoor winter.
  • Map, compass and GPS

Learning outcome

Following completion of the course, the student shall be able to:


  • Use appropriate clothing, packing, ski and gear for spending time in the winter mountain and along the coast.
  • Plan, prepare and evaluate structured teaching of ski play, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and  fishing.
  • Plan, prepare, carry out and evaluate winter and coast- excursions.
  • Account for different factors that can contribute to accidents in the outdoors.


  • Use map, compass and GPS
  • Demonstrate knowledge and basic techniques of cross-country skiing, slalom skiing and ski play
  • Recognize risks and prevent accidents in winter mountain and along the coast.
  • Handle a row boat and fishing gear.


  • Take care of themselves in the winter mountains and along the coast.
  • Ensure the safety of various forms of tours and activity.

Required prerequisite knowledge



School exam and pratical assessment

Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
School exam 1/2 Letter grades
Practical assessment 1/2 Letter grades

Grade assessment on wrtitten theory exam. Counts for 50% of the given grade: Exam at university.Grade assessment of skills according to student-led excursion. Counts for 50% of the given grade This assessment consists of a plan for the excursion, and a film documenting the excursion.

Coursework requirements

Mandatory attendance 80%

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator:

Åge Vigane

Study Adviser:

Ivar Bjørnsen

Method of work

Teaching will alternate between teaching in class, excursions, group work and self-studies

Open for

Norsk friluftsliv - Norwegian Outdoor Life Exchange Students at Faculty of Arts and Education

Course assessment

There must be an early dialogue between the course coordinator, the student representative and the students. The purpose is feedback from the students for changes and adjustments in the course for the current semester.In addition, a digital course evaluation must be carried out at least every three years. Its purpose is to gather the students experiences with the course.


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