Paper from UiS won the best paper award

The paper was awarded at the 40th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE2021).

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From left: OMAE2022 Conference Chair, Professor Sören Ehlers, German Space Centre (DLR), Institute for Maritime Energy Systems; Yucong Ma, PhD candidate, Yihan Xing, Professor, and Muk Chen Ong, Professor, all UiS. Photo: Private

The conference paper titled “Depth Control Modelling and Analysis of a Subsea Shuttle Tanker” written by Yucong Ma, Dan Sui, Yihan Xing, Muk Chen Ong and Tor Henning Hemmingsen won the best paper award at OMAE2021. The article was one of eight papers that were awarded best paper. There were a total of more than 400 papers in OMAE2021.

The paper studied the depth control of a subsea shuttle tanker designed to transport liquid CO2 under water. The subsea shuttle tanker is designed to be an environmentally and economically efficient alternative to traditional tanker ships and subsea pipelines to enable marginal fields to be utilised for carbon capture, thereby contributing to meet the growing global demand for carbon capture storage.

The results were announced at the opening ceremony of OMAE2022 in Hamburg on 6th June 2022.