Team A – UiS Drillbotics

Meet Drillbotics Virtual Rig Team.

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Drillbotics Virtual Rig Team: Muhammad Usama, Miguel Fernández Berrocal, Sahar Kadkhoda Masoum Ali, Nora Rahimi, Alina Shashel, Ali Tahir, Md Fazlul Haque, Emre Baris Gocmen and Andrew Adel Roshdy Exkarous.

The goal of the Virtual Rig Team (Team A) is to develop model to simulate a virtual rig that includes the drill string, BHA and wellbore interaction. The model (computer model) must represent a full-scale system and its corresponding control loop to virtually drill a directional well to a given trajectory.

The simulator uses many specific models (e.g. Rig model, bit model, rock/wellbore model, RSS model, ROP model, among others) in order to approximate the results to the reality.

As a result, each team member oversees developing, investigate, and create the code of diverse drilling models that will contribute with the whole Real-Time Drilling Simulator.

The work done by our team members helps the petroleum industry to produce new strategies for solving diverse drilling issues, increase the efficiency of the drilling data management and create a very useful software that could be applied in real situations to investigate or analyze different well plans, reducing the risk and cost of taking wrong decisions.

Each of the team’s concepts for their Real-Time Drilling Simulator are tested in the Drillbotics® competition, where a specific case given by the judges is solved with the use of the simulator software. The winner team of this competition has the possibility to travel and present a paper at the next SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and at an event organized by the Drilling Systems Automation Technical Sections (DSATS).