Team B – UiS Drillbotics

Meet Drillbotics Physical Rig Team.

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Team B, UiS Drillbotics

Drillbotics Physical Rig Team (Team B): Magnus Wersland, Navaneethan Sahasthiranatha Kurukkal, Jon Erik Karlsen, Karim Mostafi, Mya Chordar, Carol Alexandra Ladino Garcia.

The main objective for team B is the physical environment of drilling. The primary components include rig-structure, top drive, hoisting system, riser, drill string, bottom-hole assembly, drill bit and fluid circulation systems. There are two separate main sensor systems, one is an IMU located near the bit and the other is a load cell positioned beneath the top drive. The former measure real-time position and direction and the latter measure WOB. Data from these sensors are processed in our custom-made control system with several GUIs visualizing some of the most important drilling parameters, such as ROP, WOB and trajectory. Data distribution link for BHA orientation and generic motor control is run through Arduino microcontrollers and one dedicated Bosch motor driver.

The team is conducting considerable modifications of the BHA assembly and the hoisting system. The main aim is to fully integrate as many of the fundamental components by the conditions set by the international Drillbotics® competition committee.

The work is distributed between team members based on personal interest and educational path. Team members are responsible for their area of expertise and to communicate any problem, idea, and solutions to the whole team.
This project generates not only applied engineering, but also concepts and physical validation that may be used in industrial application, such as small-scale testing of rig design and its components.