New safety solutions for the wind sector

Master student Sharath Chandar Joghee is collaborating with the local company Energy Innovation to implement new safety solutions for the wind industry.

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Sharath Chandar Joghee . Foto: Privat
Sharath Chandar Joghee attended GWO (Global Wind Organisation) training this spring. Photo: Private

Sharath Chandar Joghee, master student in Industrial Asset Management, is aiming high in his final year at University of Stavanger. His been writing his master thesis in collaboration with local wind energy centre Energy Innovation, and the 26th of May he represented University of Stavanger in the Science meets industry conference. Joghee presented his master thesis for approximately 400 participants, half of the audience were international.

In collaboration with the company Energy Innovation in Egersund, Joghee is trying to find new safety solutions for the wind sector. In Science meets industry he presented his case on a digital twin for the wind sector, as well as his master thesis entitled "Implementing innovative techniques in safety training of wind sector”.

When working for Energy Innovation, Joghee got the possibility to attend a GWO training. GWO is the Global Wind Organisation, and GWO certification is mandatory for anyone working in the wind and renewables sector both onshore and offshore. Funding for Joghees GWO training and support to design MR applications (Mixed-Reality applications) is from the EURASIA DIKU project EduInd 4.0.

Science meets industry

The purpose of the Science Meets Industry is knowledge exchange between academia, industry and public sector on offshore wind. Organizers: Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster, Stavanger kommune and University of Stavanger.

Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation AS is a centre for training, certification, education, buisness development, innovation and R&D in the field of onshore and offshore wind power and green tech. The company is located in Egersund, Rogaland.