Future laboratory on digital health care in Norway.

Future Literacy Lab on digital healthcare was carried out on 8 October 2021 in collaboration between NIFU and UiS as a part of the research project “Releasing the power of users: articulating user interest to accelerate new innovative pathways in the digital health and welfare sector”.

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The aim was to discuss future opportunities and challenges for the Norwegian health care system with regard to health technology and digitalisation.

The Future Laboratory was conducted as a group exercise where participants were asked to develop different narratives about what the future may bring when it comes to the development of health care in Norway. The point was not to predict the future, but use different scenarios to challenge participants' habitual thinking and prejudices.

Future thinking

The exercise was based on a specific approach for future thinking developed and used UNESCO's network for "Futures Literacy" or future expertise in Norwegian. Being forward-thinking means to be aware that our choices and actions in the present is largely shaped by our assumptions about and expectations for the future. Futures Literacy (FL) is a «capability and a skill that allows people to better understand the role that the future plays in what they see and do. According to Riel Miller, «FL is important because imagining the future is what generates hope and fear, sense-making and meaning. The futures we imagine drive our expectations, disappointments and willingness to invest or to change» (Miller, 2018).

In practice, the exercise consisted of three main sessions. The participants were divided into four groups with 5-6 participants each. Group participants were asked to write down their ideas for 2050 on Post-it notes, in the form of quotes, newspaper headlines, descriptions or metaphors. Everyone stayed then asked to present their ideas to the group, before the group leader pasted them on the wall, sorted by topic. The proposals were discussed and evaluated. The work in the groups was facilitated by researchers at NIFU and UiS.


«Future Labatory on Digital Help» by Scordato, LisaKoch, PerOftedal, Elin M.Laudal, Thomas, 2021 (in Norwegian)

Video presentations about the project

FLL Future Literacy Lab - texted in English (on YouTube)

FLL Future Literacy Lab - texted in Norwegian (on YouTube)