Work Package 1: Understanding user’s side

We aim to answer following RQ: What are attitudes, concerns and expectations of users in relation to welfare technology?

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Sykepleier og eldre mann med blikk-kontakt

Releasing the Power of Users

Chynyan xie
Professor Chunyan Xie
Team Leader Work Package 1

In the first part of the project we will elaborate and populate our ‘spectrum model’ of user engagement, including informed, involved and innovative users, identified in our prior project.

This knowlegde will help to coordinate, channel, and orchestrate latent user knowledge and interests to create coherent innovation demands. We will draw upon a multidisciplinary stream of literature on attitude-behaviour relationship models, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and consumer trust to explore and identify potential users’ expectations and concerns related to usage of new digital health-care solutions in welfare sector.


  • January: We have conducted 21 interviews with  elderly people.  
    21 English minutes were distributed in November. The interviews have been transcribed by Karoline and translated to English by Kristi.  
    Kristi has made a presentation of the main content of these interviews (17 slides).  
  • Survey of elderly 
    We would like to do 6 – 700 interviews with elderly from 67 and up to understand their reasoning when it comes to technical aids and what stimulates / hinders them in employing technology that can help them. We have come far in developing a model. We are gathering prices from research companies to help us collect data and are in contact with Pensioner Association to recruit respondents. We expect to send the survey out by march.  
  • Stavanger-team-meeting summarizing the content of the interviews 
    Date:  7.1. 2021. 
    All participants should have read through all minutes and noted some main points from these minutes. How should be build on these interviews?